1 – Choose number of days and start date of the reservation.
2 – Fill in the form and make the payment.
3 – Check your email with the confirmation.


1.-How do I calculate the days?

Reservations are for periods of 24 hours, which start counting when you arrive at the car park.


I am going to arrive on the 20th and I plan to leave on the 22nd of November, I have no idea of ​​the time of arrival on the 20th or departure time on the 22nd


I will be approximately 48 hours. Being for periods of 24 hours, the reservation that fits me is 2 days.

When we start to compute the term at the entrance to the car park, we have 48 hours from that moment. If we exceed that time, the excess will be paid at the official rate per minute. If we were for a shorter term, the price would not be affected.

2.- Since when do you start telling me the time?

The time begins to be computed from the moment you enter the car park, once you have passed through its office and have exchanged your voucher for the access card.

3.- How do I access the car park?

When you arrive at the car park, you take the ticket from the barrier. Once the car is parked, it goes immediately to the office, where the printed voucher will be exchanged for the parking card that allows access.

4.- Can I enter and exit the car park as many times as I want?

The service allows multiple entrances and exits.


– The online reservation implies the prepayment of the same

– If you want to hire more than 7 days or have problems booking, contact the establishment: 00 34 943 27 62 12


1 – Choose the name of the day and the date of commencement of the day.
2 – Fill in the données demandses et faire le paiement par carte bancaire.
3 – Une fois accompli vous recevrez por e-mail la confirmation.


1.- Do they combine the days with the book?

Les sejours are for periods of 24 hours. The temps compte dès l'arrivé au parking


I thought I would arrive on the 20th and leave on the 22nd. At the moment of faire, the reservation is not sure of the time of arrival and sortie. Combien de jours J'ai besoin?

Now you are going to stay 48 hours, donc la réservation à choisir est de 2 jours.

If the reservation time is exceeded, the excess will be charged at the official rate per minute: €0,0333/min
If the temps are lower, the prix does not change country.

2.- When to start the compter temps?

Il commence une fois arrive au parking et avoir reçu au bureau du parking la carte qui donne accès.

3.- Comment enter au parking?

I will turn the ticket to your post. Une fois garé la voiture aller au bureau pour obtain la carte d'accès

4.- Dans le sejour, peut-on entrer et sortir du parking sans restriction?



– The on-line reservation involves the preparation of the same.

– If you want more than 7 days or you experience difficulties in the process of contacting: 00 34 943 27 62 12


1 – Choose the number of days and the starting date.
2 – Then fulfill the form and make the payment with a credit card.
3 – You will receive an e-mail as a confirmation.


1.-How many days do I need?

The stays are for 24 hour tranches. They start at the arrival of the car park


I am planning to arrive at 20th and depart the 22nd . When making the reservation, I do not have a precise idea of ​​the arrival and departure time.


Approximately my stay will be about 48 hours, so I need one reservation of 2 days (24+24).

If at the end of the time results more than 48 hours, the excess will be charged at the official rate per minute of €0,0333/min. If the time is less the price remains the same.

2.- From when does the time start counting?

It starts once you arrived at the car park

3.- How do I enter the car park?

Get the ticket from the post. Once parked the car, go to the Office desk the get the card which allows entering and going out the car park.

4.-This reservation allows me to enter and go out of the car park freely?



– The booking on line implies the prepayment of it.

– If you want to stay longer than 7 days or experience some difficulties in the process please contact us 00 34 943 27 62 12