How to park easily and cheaply to go to the Center of Donosti.

The center of San Sebastian is, increasingly, a pedestrian space. This entails many advantages, but access by car has become an almost impossible mission due to construction work and road closures.

This problem especially affects people who come from outside because the map applications are unaware of the constant closures of streets and main arteries and take them through places that may be closed to traffic.

The subway works have closed a good part of San Martín street to private vehicles, the renovation of La Concha has closed all traffic to these users, and the traffic jams that form affect the entire center and its accesses.

For this reason, today, the best thing if you come from abroad and want to go to the Center, to the Old Town, to Gros or to Egia, is to leave the car in the Parking Txofre and from there, in 5 minutes on foot, you can reach any of the mentioned neighbourhoods.

It's comfortable, it's fast, you avoid traffic jams and wasting time going around to find a place and, what's more, it's cheaper than the OTA (where you don't care if you leave your car on the street).

If you come to Donosti, do the test one day, leave the car in the Parking Txofre and use your time to enjoy this incredible city.

Red: streets restricted to vehicles.
Yellow: streets with a high concentration of traffic jams.
Green: accesses without traffic.

If you are going to enter Donosti through the Antiguo neighborhood, you have one more solution: the Ondarreta Parking, the cheapest in the city and with a bus at the door that takes you to the Center in 10 minutes.